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Moving to Geneva?

At Mayor Relocation, we specialize in relocation services offering dedicated assistance to expatriates and individuals in the Geneva area, canton of Vaud and neighboring regions in France. Our mission is to make your relocation smoother, ensuring a stress-free transition as you embark on a new chapter. From tailored moving-in services to personalized assistance, we are committed to addressing your unique concerns and needs.

Who we are

With over 25 years of experience in relocation, the founder of the company, Carine Mayor, has an excellent track record with several real estate agencies.  She has mastered the housing market and fully understands the legal requirements in relation to lease contracts.  Carine is bilingual in French and Spanish; she has an excellent knowledge of English and Italian and Portuguese.

what we offer

additional services

  • – Hotel reservation
  • – Pick up from the airport
  • – Reservation for car hire
  • – Car seat rental for children
  • – Guided city tour
  • – Assistance in renting relevant furniture
  • – Assistance provided for furnishing and decoration
  • – Running of errands (e.g. collect keys from real estate agency)
  • – Permit B (long-term residency, Europeans / AELE, except Bulgaria and Romania)
  • – Permit L (short-term residency)
  • – Permit G (persons authorized to work in Switzerland, living in surrounding areas of France)
  • – Permit C (residence authorization)
  • – Overview private school options according to client criteria
  • – Appointment with pre-selected schools
  • – Accompanied visits
  • – Assistance provided for purchase of a vehicle
  • – Pick up from the airport
  • – Reservation for car hire
  • – Car seat rental for children
  • – Guided city tour (two hours)
  • Overview of surrounding suburbs & points of interest affecting daily life. This includes shopping areas, hospitals & clinics, banks, bus routes, etc.
  • – Negotiation of the end of rental contract
  • – Support in finding a new tenant when the client has not respected the terms of the contract i.e. when departure is prior to contract end date
  • – Moving-out inspection with coordination of home-cleaning services, garden work and repairs, as required
  • – Cancellation of telephone, Internet, electricity services and maintenance contracts
  • – Cancellation of rental deposit guarantee and reimbursement, as appropriate
  • – Support in finding removal company
  • – Organization of conventions
  • – Company Dinners, cocktails & other event
  • – Initiation to Golf
  • – Golf and ski outings or weekends

clients we serve